We all aim at improving ourselves, one of those ways to better improve ourselves and feel that we can reach our best selves is proving to ourselves that we can learn a different language. Learning how to correspond in a different language and express ourselves is a great sense of achievement. Plenty ask; how is that achievable? While I might not know how to do so, here are 5 steps that will help you understand what it takes to learn a new language,

One: recognize what is stopping you

Fear! Fear is the ultimate obstacle in any of our endeavors as human beings. But let me ask you this? What is the worst that could happen? Not succeed in learning the language you want and moving on? So what? You would just move on to another language, or try it one more time when you are in a better state of mind.

Do not let fear stop you. It will take you some time to learn anything new, why is learning a new language going to be any different?

Two: commitment is key

Most of us have the habit of starting something but never seeing it through. We have plenty of reasons why! But let me share with you one reason why not!

It is normal to stumble while learning a new language, but do not let it wear you down, you are approaching an entire new language with all its nuances and intricacies. It is normal to feel frustrated, but do not let that put you down. You can and will achieve what you want with diligent hard work and continuity.

Three: Write your goals before you start

Share your goals with yourself and loved ones before you begin learning any new language.

Do not be afraid or ashamed to soar high with your aspirations and dreams. You must set your goals before you learn a new language, you should try your best to aim as high as you could when setting your new language goals. This will help you know what you want, determine the best course of action to suit your goal within your preferable timeframe.

Four: Practice, practice, practice

To improve in any language, you must spend hours on end; reading, writing, and practicing. Put yourself in situations where you must practice your new found passion and do not be afraid of using what you know or think you might know.

Five: Imagine your life as a bilingual

Imagine your life knowing the language your heart desires; using it fluently, and traveling the world with it under your belt. This will give you the confidence and boost your energy when starting to learn the language of your choice.

Happy Learning