A Global Environment

Wafid Arabic Institute strives to create a global environment for its students in order to facilitate their overall growth along with a mastery in the Arabic language.

Wafid brings together a diverse group of students from many different cultures, backgrounds, and professions; People who come from all across the globe to partake in this experience together. We admit students, not only based upon their merit but also considering the contribution that their skills, experiences and unique identities will bring to the campus environment. Our hope is to create an enriching atmosphere that facilitates intellectual and cultural exchange, so that students may learn, not only from their own experiences, but also from the stories and experiences of their classmates and peers.

Jordan is located in the heart of the Middle East bordering Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia. It acts as a safety buffer by providing much needed stability for the entire region and hence, has long been the preferred choice for Westerners and expatriates to settle in to pursue their interests.

A range of international agencies, NGOs and developmental programs are based in Amman to facilitate their activities in the Middle East. For example, UNICEF, UNRWA, Red Cross, UNDP and USAID, all have bases here that provide humanitarian and economic support to the entire region. There are several opportunities for students, especially aspiring diplomats and international relations students, to work or to volunteer at these international agencies while studying with us.

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