Academic Calendar

Wafid Institute’s academic calendar is based on a system that is widely used in Western academia. The year is split into three terms – summer, fall and spring in order to better accommodate the needs of our students.


Admissions close one week prior to orientation. While we do not encourage students to start mid-quarter, exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.


Academic Calendar | 2020


Semester Program (Long Term Courses)

Spring and fall semesters: total of 240 contact/classroom hours distributed between MSA, colloquial Arabic, independent studies, and content studies during 14 weeks (approximately 3.5 months). Summer semester: total of 160 contact/classroom hours during 8 weeks (approximately 2 months)

  • Spring (2020)
    • Orientation: January 29 – 30
    • Classes & Finals: February  02 – May 07
  • Summer (2020)
    • Orientation: June 03 – 04
    • Classes & Finals: June 07 – July 30
  • Fall (2020)
    • Orientation: September 02 – 03
    • Classes & Finals: September 06 – December 10


Monthly Intensive Program

Duration: 4 weeks (approximately one month) and a total of 80 contact/classroom hours.

Our monthly intensive courses start on the first business day of each month, year round.


Holidays in Jordan

The standard working week in Jordan begins on Sunday and ends on Thursday, with Friday and Saturday being weekend days (Saturday is an exception for some organizations). To learn more about the formal holidays in Jordan, please find more information here. Please be sure to check with us if any holiday is near an important date for you, as the actual holidays sometimes differ from their scheduled time. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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