Ammiya (Colloquial Arabic)

Apart from Modern Standard Arabic, Wafid also offers to its students the opportunity to learn Ammiya, a collection of dialects that are popular variants of Standard Arabic and have come about as a result of several geographical and socio-economic influences. These dialects vary not only in their vocabulary and pronunciation but also, to a certain extent, in their usage of grammar.

The knowledge of Ammiya has a wide-ranging scope for those students plan to work or live in the Middle East, as it makes conversing hassle-free in all parts of the Arabic-speaking world, whether you are studying, working or simply traveling. Studying the differences between these dialects and tracing their point of origin is highly rewarding for any student of the Arabic language.

Wafid also provides a specialization in Levantine Arabic. Levantine Arabic refers to any of the near-related varieties of spoken Arabic in Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan and is generally considered to be one of the closest to the Fusha (Modern Standard Arabic). Also termed as ‘Shami’ or Eastern Arabic, it is one of the most universally recognized and popular dialects to study within Arabic certificate courses.

If you have any further questions regarding these courses, you can speak with our staff, who are always there to assist you.

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