Ali Ekinci

Hi Everybody! I like to write my comments about Wafid Arabic Institute. I just finished my course here which lasted 2 months. And it is the time evaluates them after coming back to Turkey.


I am a 35 years old Turkish man. I am a professional tourist guide in English, Malay and Indonesian. After learning these languages, I decided to learn Arabic as well as a Moslem. I was keep searching the best place to learn Arabic to understand my holy book and sayings of Prophet Muhammad. Whomever I asked, they said the best places are Jordan and Syria for learning Arabic. But because Syria has problems since 2011, I decided to come to Jordan.


I decided to choose Wafid Arabic Institute with the reference of friend of me. And I contacted them and asked all the details about the course and payments. They answered all my questions sincerely. And I came to Amman. They sent a driver to pick me up and helped me to settle my apartment over there. There was no disappointment because they were behaving me as if I was their family member. This lasted till the last day. They never broke their promises. I found everything as they promised to me.


My class was consisted just few students. When I compare with other courses which I learned my other languages, they have a very efficient method to teach Arabic. This is the reason I could manage to learn Arabic in a very short time. You never feel teachers are doing their job for money. They really teach eagerly and happy to teach their mother language to you. And definitely they are very professional. My relationship with my teacher (Muhammad Hamadmad) was not like teacher-student but rather as two friends. He really has big efforts to teach us Arabic. May Allah bless him and all the teachers. They organized short and long trips to us. These trips organized to put the knowledge into practicing. And all those tours very well organized. Service, accommodation and food was excellent for the prices we paid.


Location of the Wafid is a distinguished place. It is not too far from city center not too close. So I got the advantages of it. I could focus on my lessons. By the way either location of Wafid Arabic Institute and or Amman is very safe. You never think of security of yourself because it is very safe and people are very friendly.


In sum, everything was fine and I was very happy to be a student of Wafid Arabic Institute. And I am happy to say I have a family over there which will be waiting for me to go again and will hug me if I go again. If you can’t decide whether to learn Arabic here or somewhere else, don’t hesitate and be a student of them. You just decide and leave the rest to them. They will plan everything for you. You go and without thinking of difficulties, start studying Arabic from them.


The reason why I am writing this long is, I searched a satisfying comment here before I came to Amman. But the comments were too short. So I am writing this long so you have an idea about Amman and Wafid Arabic Institute. Hope you be a member of Wafid and hope you can learn this distinguished language from their professional teachers. Thanks a lot for spending my comments


Greeting from Istanbul

Ali Ekinci

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