Food and Dining

Located in the Khalda area, on Wasfi al-Tal (Gardens) Street, the culinary scene just outside of the Wafid campus is exploding with a wide variety of options; from traditional Arab food and sophisticated French fare to spicy Indian flavors, authentic Italian and contemporary American cuisines. A stroll down Gardens Street entices the senses with bits of Paris, New York, Milan and Mumbai all at once! Ethnic restaurants, easy eateries, the finest of fine dining and markets of every conceivable kind take shape in this bright, beautiful avenue, bringing a world flavors and new experiences all within arm’s reach.

Of all culinary delights in Amman, there are few that exceed the pleasure of enjoying a traditional large Arabian meal. The flavorful Shawarmas are tasty, but the hot, crispy Falafels are even better. The Al-Daya’a, Al-Hanayen, and Reem Shawarma restaurants, as most locals would attest, are the best places to enjoy a traditional meal. There’s also the national dish of Mansaf, Kebabs and Maqluba, with each bite more delicious than the last.

And if you have a sweet tooth, be sure not to miss the sweet shops of Habibah, Nafeesah, Al-Quds and Jabri, which are famous for their Baklava and Kunafeh, a rich layered cheese pastry. They also offer a dizzying array of other Arabian deserts you are sure to love. Most restaurants here have outdoor seating where you can stop over for a quick bite or take your time exploring the delicacies while enjoying an afternoon chat with a friend.

To have an even deeper understanding of Arabian food culture, you might want to try your hand at cooking the local food yourself! Jordanians take great pride in eating freshly prepared home-cooked meals and you can learn the art of Arabian cooking in one of the many nearby cooking schools that specialize in local cuisine. If interested, you can learn more about these schools here.

Jordan offers flavors and traditions that reach back to when the Middle East was the nucleus of world culture. With just the right blend of old world charm and modern aesthetics, as well as the delicate balance of East meets West, dining in Jordan is an experience you will not easily forget.

For newbies who need help settling down, here’s a quick list of restaurants on Gardens street that you might find handy:

  1. Local Arabian Cuisine (like Mansaf, Mashawi, Mandi, etc.): Try these popular sit-down restaurants – Jabri, Alia, Tawaheen Al Hawa, Reem al Bawadi, Asyad Almandi.
  2. Arabian Fast Food: Try Shawarma at Al-Daya’a, Al Hanayen or the Reem Shawarma eateries. For Falafel sandwiches try Hamada, Kalha, or Abu Jbarah. For other Sandwiches, Roasted Chicken, etc. try Al Tazaj & Al Baik
  3. Arabian Desserts: Habibah, Nafeesah, Zalatimo, Al-Quds and Jabri offer the best Arabic sweets!
  4. American Fast Food: Chains like KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Papa John’s Pizza, Little Caesar Pizza, and many others are also available here.
  5. Healthy Food Options: The very health-conscious may want to visit Calories Healthy Food Restaurant, Khalda. If shopping for organic/fresh produce you may consider Yanboot, which operates a fabulous Farmer’s Market and a website for ordering online with fast delivery. There is also an organic department at Cozmo and Safeway stores at the Seventh Circle.
  6. Other Options: You may also browse local directories, such as Jeeran and search for other types of food within the area you are interested in.
  7. Food Delivery: For delivery options many restaurants in Amman offer delivery at a reasonable price. You may also order food online via
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