Students on their free time

We, at Wafid, recently welcomed a group of French students from Paris on December 17th, 2016. It was a truly amazing experience! Indeed, the program was rich and very beneficial for the students and the staff. The Arabic classes were taught in the first half of the day and the afternoon was dedicated exclusively to activities, visits and trips across the countryside. Fifteen students were divided into two groups according to their proficiency in the Arabic language. One for complete beginners and the other for intermediate students. Despite the busy schedule, the students showed a great deal of interest in and enthusiasm for their studies; they were so eager to learn that we ended up teaching them even while on the bus!

The visit to Al-Quds will definitely remain engraved in everyone’s memories. The fraternity between the Muslims and the Christians in this blessed land amazed our guests. To give an example, the guide, Henriette, told us that if the Muslims were to be forbidden to give the call to prayer again, then they (the Christians) would do it for them from their churches! Most of all, the tahajjud prayer at al-Masjid Al-Aqsa was the best. Indeed, it was a true pleasure for the soul. Petra, as we all expected, was their most preferred historic attraction. Words cannot describe beauty of this ancient Roman town. You’ll have to see it for yourself!

In the middle of Wadi Rum desert, a train stopped for us. The train driver and his colleague warmly welcomed us onto the old engine. The cabin smelt completely of coal, an old scent that we are not used to anymore. The horn blasted a blaring sound and the train moved forward, all of us crammed in front of the driver into the open air. It was not even 7 o’clock yet! In front of us was the vast desert and the scenic mountains with absolutely no one on either side of us. We were blessed with this unique experience. 


These two weeks were truly amazing! Our students went back to France pleased with the hospitality and the love shown by the Jordanians. They all expressed how much they wished they could come back to Jordan to do an extensive course with us again. And, naturally, our reply was, as we say in Arabic, “Ahlan wasahlan bik fi ‘ay waqt! (You are more than welcome at any time!)”