Getting Around

Wafid Arabic Institute is strategically located in the Khalda area, at Wasfi al-Tal Street (more popularly known as the Gardens Street) which can be accessed easily through numerous transit facilities that run throughout the city.

Taxi service is the most popular method of travel, accounting for about ninety percent of the navigation done in and around the city. This is because affordable taxis are readily available, not just near our institute, but across the whole of Amman, at a moment’s notice!

Apart from taxis, shuttle services (buses & Sarfees) are also available from fixed stops that will drop you right in front of the institution. The option of taking a bus from Downtown (Wast Al-Balad) to Wafid Arabic Institute is also available to you, though we would not recommend it as their timetables are not usually in sync with the Institute’s.

For your reference, here’s a map of the public transportation services available to all major locations in Amman.

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