Our Campus

We are committed to providing a comfortable learning environment for both our students and our instructors. With this goal in mind, our small yet beautiful campus is equipped with top of the line facilities to ensure your interactions with faculty and peers is smooth and enjoyable, and also to help you feel completely at home during your stay. Additionally, our partnerships with local universities, colleges and educational institutes allow us to utilize their facilities to expand our campus and capabilities, where students can be further taught in highly interactive educational environment.

The Khalda area – near the Waha Circle on the Wasfi al-Tal (Gardens) Street, where our school is located, is one of the most attractive neighborhoods in Amman, Jordan. Located near the central business district, countless amenities and attractions are within walking distance. The City Mall, for example, a true symbol of the city’s urban fabric, is a one-stop shop for all of your lifestyle needs. You will also have easy access to both public and private transportation, such as buses, shuttles (sarfees), yellow taxis and Uber!   

Foodies will especially appreciate the wide variety of culinary experiences that are just a stone’s throw away! Your options range from the traditional Arabian cuisine and spicy Indian flavors, to contemporary Italian, Turkish dishes, American fast food restaurants and cafés and much more! With a vibrant crowd and an exciting lifestyle, these are great places to bond with the locals. But for those students who would like to prepare food at home for better health and bigger savings (even if only on the weekends) we offer the necessary facilities to meet your needs.

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