Private Tutoring

As a supplement to our range of academic services, we also offer high quality and affordable private tutoring for all of our classes. Private tutoring is available either as a uniquely designed stand alone program or as a complement to the core programs and other courses at Wafid. We believe that every student can greatly benefit from connecting with a private tutor, as they are available to address the unique needs, interests and aspirations of individual students. Private tutoring focuses on replacing the teacher-centered techniques normally used in classrooms with learner-centered techniques such as elicitation, communicative activities and collaborative learning that helps the student develop crucial speaking, listening and writing skills.

Our tutors begin with identifying where the students’ interests lie and what their strengths and needs are. The tutor then prepares projects and timelines that correspond to the students’ interest and academic standards. This highly personalized learning methodology is especially beneficial to those who have busy schedules and those who require more one-on-one attention. If you are looking to develop specific academic and professional skills such as mediation skills or interpersonal communication, or if you simply require polishing of the fundamental skills of pronunciation, reading and writing Arabic, then private tutoring would be ideal for you! Besides providing a specialist academic guidance on learning Arabic, our private tutors are proactive and focus on specific learning outcomes, always encouraging students to not only speak in Arabic, but to think in Arabic. The convenience of having a tutor at your home or a central meeting location is also an added advantage.

The costs of the tutoring sessions are in line with the level of the hands-on learning and quality of instruction that you will receive. We believe that the private tutoring sessions will provide both immediate and long-term benefits, and that you will find them both insightful and rewarding.

Private Tutoring sessions are provided year round, upon specific request by the student. This personalized tutoring has limited seats and we recommend that you apply in advance. After we receive your application, our admissions committee will thoroughly review it and get in touch with you to schedule an interview with the tutor. During this interview, the tutor will assess your needs and interests, discuss your learning preferences and inform you of the tutoring procedures, then determine the structured program of your tutoring sessions.

Please contact our Admissions Department if you have any questions. We are more than happy to assist you. If you’d like to apply, please click here.

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