Teaching Methodology

Wafid strives to successfully integrate the structural, functional and interactive methods of language pedagogy into our teachings, while building a holistic learning model for our students.

Apart from employing the world acclaimed Complete Immersion Program technique, where students intrinsically learn the language being taught because it is the language of instruction, Wafid also utilizes several different teaching techniques, such as the Silent Way (which emphasizes learner autonomy and active student participation), as well as the Audio-Lingual method (which emphasizes listening and speaking before reading and writing); this supplements the traditional textbook-based learning that we employ. This more holistic approach not only helps the student to master the language theoretically but also helps him or her to become fluent in its understanding and pronunciation.

Overall, we focus upon the interactions between teachers and students and the interactions among the students themselves. We encourage students to use Arabic outside of the classroom at all times, and we even provide a language partner (a native Arabic speaker) to enable students to interact outside of the classroom and practice the language during free time and extracurricular activities. This immersive approach sharpens conversation skills in Fusha (Modern Standard Arabic) and Ammiya (Colloquial Arabic).

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