Mansaf is Jordan’s national dish, the renowned and most celebrated part of Jordanian cuisine. A guaranteed delicacy in All Jordan’s social, public, and private occasions. Both formal and informal. Hence, it goes without saying, if you are in Jordan or in the hospitality of a Jordanian, you must try it

Mansaf is magnificent

Served on a large serving dish, the base is a layer of “Shrak” a flatbread so thin it is almost transparent; this is topped with yellow, almost golden colored rice. This golden mountain of rice is topped with cooked lamb meat pieces that are simply mouthwatering. All are garnished with a generous amount of fried nuts. On the side, Jameed is prepared, Jameed is a hard dry goat’s milk yoghurt. Jameed is drizzled immoderately over the dish. It truly brings the flavor together and puts everything into perspective.


What is special about Mansaf is not only its astonishing flavors; there’s more to this dish than meets the taste buds!


Mansaf ties together the key elements of Jordanian culture; Bedouin customs, the love of good food, and, most importantly the camaraderie of the Jordanian community. An easily observed matter once you analyze how Mansaf is eaten. Mansaf in Jordan is eaten from one large platter, which exemplifies the importance of sharing all you have with family and friends. A core value in the Jordanian culture.


Food is famous for bringing people together, all through history, people have come together for meals. But nowhere brings people together over food in the way the Middle East does. In the way Mansaf does.


Mansaf indeed deserves the merits it is associated with nationwide. The prominent title of “the national dish of Jordan,” joining all the best things; the shared plate for community, the sheer quantity for hospitality, and the flavors for tradition.