Jordan has more astonishing historical sites than most people appreciate. One of these astounding sites is Amman Citadel. This ancient fortress is located on top of Jabal Al-Qal’a, the highest of seven hills on which the city was built. Jabal means mountain and Qal’a means castle.


As soon as you arrive to Jabal Al-Qal’a ne prepared to travel through time. A historical place like no other. Every detail engraved in the stones there is witness to greatness and uniqueness.


The citadel swanks a diverse range of various kingdoms; Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans, as well as Umayyad and Ayyubid dynasties. This fact is an oasis of pleasure for anyone who loves history. The first signs of human occupation date back to the Middle Bronze Age (1650-1550 BC), during which the area functioned as a fortress or an agora. Today’s visitors can trace the great ancient civilizations through the remnants of a Roman Hercules Temple, a Byzantine church, an extravagant Umayyad palace, and many other ruins.


Even if you are not interested in history, here is why you should visit the Citadel; first, the location; the Citadel is the ideal place to take a moment to yourself and step away from the chaos of every metropolitan city, Amman is no different in its busy and crowded ambiance and attitude. Second, the view; the Citadel is situated aloft the highest hill in Amman, you can see far out in every direction across the beautiful city. You can easily see the tallest freestanding flag in the world flies pompously in the wind. Finally, the atmosphere, at the Citadel, you can take time to relax, spend quality time with friends and let you gape wander over the sea of houses.


The citadel might not be the most famous ruin in Jordan, but its closeness to the metropolitan attractions in a busy city will certainly teleport you to more magical time and place.