One too many times in our life, we always want to have a list of things that we will like to do before we die, every person has one long and elaborate bucket list of things to see and do before it is too late. Most of those lists are more about visiting and discovering the world. Know more about different places and sites, as well as meet cultures from around the world. The small yet exquisite country of Jordan in the Middle East does not fall short from fulfilling you with the former. And One of Jordan’s most renowned local and international sites, the Dead Sea is mentioned too often to be ignored.


At 400 meters below sea levels, the Dead Sea is the lowest body of water on earth. Fenced by arid hills, as barren of life as the sea itself, the Dead Sea gleams under a burning sun with barely a ripple unsettling its surface. The rocks that come across its edges become covered with a snow-like thick lustrous sediment of salt. It is this extremely high concentration of salt that gives the Dead Sea waters their renowned therapeutic qualities and their flexibility. Because the salt content is eight times that of most world’s oceans, you can float in the Dead Sea without even trying. The main activities in Dead Sea are floating, camping, mud parting, and Sunset living.


What is floating on Dead Sea? It is the sole water activity that you will be able to do there. Due to the high level of salt in water. Whatever your weight might be, you can float, sit, and, even read a book on the sea.


There are several world class hotels, there are also comfortable resorts and private beaches to make your stay worthwhile. Wherever you are staying, know that you will enjoy one of the most naturally reserved areas in the world with the ultimate mineral benefits you could ask for.


Make sure you leave room on your trip to enjoy the once in a lifetime sunset. It is definitely different and spectacular