Learning a new language is a challenge that takes courage, perseverance, and the right instructor. Learning a new language in a new country that shares nothing with you is a different matter altogether. That takes next level bravery and dedication.


I decided on taking the Arabic Language as my next challenge. At first, I did not know anything about the Arabic language, except that it is the language of conflicted areas around the world, where plenty and nothing happens. This is my encounter with learning the Arabic language, living in Amman, Jordan, and joining the Wafid Arabic Institute family for the duration of 3 months.


First, I had to determine what path I would lead in learning the Arabic language; should I join an online class, take a physical course in my hometown, or fly to an Arab country to and living the language rather than learning about it. After pondering for a month, I came to the conclusion that flying to an Arab country, as risky as that might seem, is the best way to learn a new language.


While my mind wandered off to several scenarios about the dangers that would entail traveling to the Middle East, I had to give the Arab World benefit of the doubt and do my job and research about Middle East countries. Jordan stood out from all the Arab nations I researched. A land of splendid weather, hospitable people, and packed with historical and cultural ruins that alone, made the trip worthwhile!


Second, I had to determine which Arabic institute I should join, to my surprise, Amman (the capital of Jordan), is filled with institutes that teach Arabic for non-native speakers. I corresponded with a few. Wafid Arabic Institute was the most generous and welcoming. Felt like I was already a student, even better, a member of their family, as they like to call their students. For they always start their emails with; “welcome to the Wafid family.” Their warm and generous demeanor was more than sufficient to make a decision to join the family.


Learning Arabic with Wafid was the best decision I had ever made. I first hand witnessed dedicated teachers, friendly staff, cooperative administrators, and plenty of assistance that extends beyond the academics.


Finally, I can sum up my visit to Jordan and Wafid as an A+ experience. 3 months passed like the wind and I grew more appreciative of this unique and mysterious part of the world. I would not trade this experience for anything else.


I cannot wait for my next trip to Wafid Arabic Institute and Jordan.