Who wouldn’t want to flaunt around knowledge of languages other than their mother tongue?

Over the years, I’ve received plenty of reasons to learn a different language. But, I used to make excuses for myself. Before I became interested in Arabic.

I can list a hundred reasons why everyone should learn a new language. Every language learner I’ve met has their own personal reason for wanting to speak another language.

Why learn another language? This is a list of the best reasons why one should learn a second language.

  1. Open up prospects you never thought of
    Learning a second language opens up numerous career opportunities. Whether you are trying freelancing, or bit international companies. Learning a new language is an asset on your resume. It shows dedication, sophistication, and knowledge. The world is changing as fast as day and night. Having a second language under your belt will make you stand out, no matter what company you were working in; big or small.

  2. Keep the wheels of your mind turning
    Learning another language will help keep your mind fresh and awake all the time. You can improve your memory, increase your attention span, and practice more than one cognitive skill at once. No matter how old you are, learning another language, will definitely pave the way to improve your mental health.

  3. International friendships
    Learning a new language means you will eventually travel. This is a great opportunity to make new friends. New friends in a new place. Where you can communicate your true self in a different language. Explore new people and their cultures.

  4. What do others think of you?
    Have you ever wondered how other cultures perceive yours? Traveling is a great way to expand your knowledge of other cultures, but knowing a different language will help you know your own in other people’s eyes. It is undebatable that culture and language are interrelated. Languages give you the insight of cultures, and knowing a language other than your mother tongue, will definitely be your gateway to learning about others, as you learn about yourself.

  5. Interesting much?
    Whether you are interesting or not, definitely depends on your character and capability to socialize with others. But, learning another language would add to your charisma and social skills. Learning another language will bridge lingual and social gaps in no time. This is a great way to add points to your game and make you more appealing than you already are.

  6. Know your way around
    The dangers surrounding any tourist in a forign country are countless. one can exclude some countries because they are known for their enormous hospitality and warm hearted smiles. Having said that, it is evidently better when you know the language of the country you are visiting, as not being taken advantage of. Because everything changes when you speak the language.

  7. Better learner
    The more you study, the better you develop learning hacks. The same goes when learning a new language. It gets easier with time. You are able to fix all the puzzle pieces with time, perseverance, and practice.

  8. Boost your confidence
    One might not feel courageous to address others or publicly speak, let alone talking in a foreign tongue in a foreign country. Talk about bursting your bubble, and publically!!! Would you laugh at anyone coming up to you with bad English asking for directions? Of course, not! You would actually feel impressed that they festered the courage to walk up to a complete stranger and ask for help. You will find more people that are understanding and helping that you ever imagined.

  9. Appreciate others
    There is no other act that will connect you to other cultures and raise empath other than learning a different language. You become more empathetic and aware of how the world turns outside your comfort zone. The world is filled with activities, cultures, practices, and art that do not speak English, French, or German. Sometimes, subtitles will not suffice, you will still feel that a chip is missing, something you can remedy if you can understand the original language of whatever you are in.

  10. Make it happen!
    The only way to learn a new language, is to actually start learning a new language. Find some language that you are passionate about, interested in the heritage, culture, or art. Start somewhere! Anywhere. But start learning because it is a world of knowledge, advancement, and happiness.